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of weapons, ammunition and means of self-defense

Types of examinations
Examination appointment

The basis and the procedure for the appointment of examinations are determined by the Criminal Procedure Code, Civil Procedure Code and Commercial Procedure Code of the Republic of Belarus, which establish that the examination of the criminal, civil and economic proceedings are appointed in cases when the resolution of certain issues require special knowledge in science, technology, art, crafts and other spheres of activity (Art. 226 of Criminal Procedure Code, Art. 216 of Civil Procedure Code, Art. 75 Commercial Procedure Code of Republic Belarus).

In accordance with Article 173 of the Criminal Procedure Code the examinations (excepting expertise related to the application of procedural coercive measures against individuals) can be assigned to a criminal case, if the examination conclusion can be essential to its initiation (Art. 226 of Criminal Procedure Code). The same examination may be appointed at any stage of civil or economic process (Art. 216 of Civil Procedure Code, Art. 75 Commercial Procedure Code of the Republic of Belarus).

The international cooperation
Expertise and research
Expert community
"Forensic examination of Belarus"
with the media
Counter drugs
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The systematic approach to work with ENFSI is the result of fruitful cooperation of the State Committee with the European Union

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